July 2017

Taffy CSS Framework

Design | Branding | Code

Taffy is a CSS framework I personally developed to further advance my knowledge of Flexbox development, as well as, fluid typography. Once I had the Flexbox grid and fluid typography developed I decided, why stop there? So I began to add more features and elements to the Taffy framework, which would give the user a very simple start, so they could easily add their styling for the specific project.

As for the branding, it started out as a simple doodle that I thought could become a great logo. I designed the logo using the golden ratio, which was my first at the time. Making sure that everything was symmetrical and proportioned properly to the rest of the design.

Taffy was perceived very well by those who used it. An article was even published by noupe going over how to use Taffy and what makes it special. You can read the noupe article here.