March 2017


Design | Branding

Revolt is an electric bike startup, where they wanted me to develop branding for their company. When they first came to me they weren’t entirely sure what they wanted in the logo except for it to be abstract and not have any cliches like power buttons, sockets, lightning bolts, and bike silhouettes. After going back and forth a few times with different iterations we finally ended up with something that closely resembles the final logo.

The logo I presented them with was close to the finished piece except the corners were circular. The client loved this iteration but thought the circular corners were too soft and not edgy enough for their product. I understood their concerns and went back to tweak the logo to fit their liking. I ended up changing the circular corners into hexagonal corners to allow the logo to feel sharper while keeping the overall theme of the logo.

We finally decided upon the finished logo they use now. My thought process for this logo was to place it in a triangular shape to represent stability, power, and energy. The connectors forming the triangle were circuit lines, implying the electronic component of their product. And when it is all put together it vaguely/abstractly resembles someone riding a bike.


Juan Ehringer